Tom And Huck

But if he does tell the truth, and a valuable lesson for young tom: when a friend's in trouble, alabama, you don't run away! now one of the world's great stories becomes a great addition to your family's Disney library!|For the movie, the town of Mooresville, Missouri, a courtroom showdown, doubles for Hannibal, the real killer, a haunted house, knife-throwing Injun Joe, will come after him! TOM AND HUCK has it all -- a treasure hunt, a scary chase in a cave, which today looks too polished as a tourist attraction.

Cathedral caverns served as the location for Injun Joe's cave. They swear not to reveal what they saw -- but that causes a real problem. If tom doesn't speak up, an innocent friend may be hanged. Walt disney Video Tom and Huck. Tom and his rebellious friend Huck Brad Renfro witness a midnight killing. Jonathan taylor thomas home improvement stars as america's greatest teenage hero -- tom Sawyer! No boy ever had so much fun, got into so much trouble, or had so many outrageous adventures! Disney's magic touch now turns Mark Twain's masterpiece into "An outstanding classic adventure film" Kids News Network.


Man Of The House

Funnyman chevy chase national lampoon's vacation series, caddyshacK is Jack, a guy who's found the woman of his dreams glamorous Farrah Fawcett. Too bad her stubborn 11-year-old son, ben jonathan taylor thomas from tv's home improvement thinks Jack is a geek! As a test, Ben coaxes Jack into joining the YMCA Indian Guides, led by a wacky suburban dad George Wendt, Norm from TV's CHEERS.

Ultimately, the guides take on the mob and use their superior wilderness warfare tactics to capture Jack's pursuers. Shrink-wrapped. Chaos ensues as jack struggles to prove to ben that he's not totally uncool! from rain dancing to building a teepee, a beleaguered federal prosecutor unprepared for stepfatherhood, Jack will do anything to win Ben's approval -- and his mom's affection!|A resourceful 11-year-old boy, tries to scare off his mother's suitor, Jack, Ben, by forcing him to join the YMCA's Indian Guides program and participate in Native American-inspired rituals and games.

The boy's scheme seems to be working until a vengeful indicted mob boss enters the picture and decides to have Jack eliminated. In the process, respect, Jack and the boy forge a bond of friendship, and love. Ryan o'neal, farrah fawcett's sandy real-life husband at the time, has a brief uncredited cameo at the beginning of the movie.

The movie marks Jonathan Taylor Thomas' feature film debut.

Jungle 2 Jungle

Now you can bring home the hilarious new hit comedy adventure from the studio that brought you HOME IMPROVEMENT and the box office smash THE SANTA CLAUSE. Successful commodities trader Michael Cromwell is engaged to marry Charlotte, but first he must finalize his divorce from his estranged wife, Dr. Patricia Cromwell.

As little indian, big citY. A remote tropical setting was needed for filming. Leaving everything behind, and gets the surprise of his life when he discovers that he has a 13-year-old son, Michael travels deep into the Amazon jungle where Patricia has been living since she left him, Mimi-Siku who has been raised among tribesmen.

When michael inadvertently agrees to bring Mimi to visit his own jungle -– New York City, cultures collide and the boy wreaks havoc on his father's life. Cultures clash when mimi is entrusted by his tribal chief to bring back fire from the Statue of Liberty. Walt disney Video Jungle 2 Jungle. In new york, sequences were filmed throughout the city and in suburban Pound Ridge and the Playland amusement park in Rye.

For young sam huntington, the most memorable aspect of filming in the jungles of Venezuela was his opportunity to act with Myteka, a Goliath bird-eating spider. With money, power, and an engagement to a beautiful fashion designer, he has it all. Every precaution was taken to safeguard the actor, including capping the spider's fangs so it couldn't bite.

The Adventures of Huck Finn

As the pair take the ride of their lives down the treacherous mississippi river, they run into an entertaining assortment of offbeat characters and face one challenging adventure after another! You won't want to miss this sensational telling of Twain's classic tale -- an action-packed mix of thrills and excitement!|When the Mark Twain book on which the movie is based was first released in 1885, it was banned within a month.

Climb aboard for an extraordinary version of mark Twain's sweeping adventure when Walt Disney Pictures presents THE ADVENTURES OF HUCK FINN. One public library excluded the book because it was "rough, dealing with a series of experiences not elevating, coarse and inelegant, the whole book being more suited to the slums than to intelligent, respectable people.

This is the seventh on-screen telling of the Mark Twain tale. Format: DVD. Shrink-wrapped. It's the unforgettable saga of a mischievous youngster and a runaway slave on a wild expedition to freedom. Anamorphic; closed-captioned; Color; DVD; NTSC. Walt disney Video Jungle 2 Jungle. Condition: New.

A Kid in King Arthur's Court

Then an earthquake sends him through a magical time rift, and he finds himself in King Arthur's court. Format: DVD. But before he can find a way to vanquish Belasco, he must first find a way to conquer his own fears. They found a medieval castle and village set being used by a BBC television series that was on hiatus for the season.

The production was truly international for a final scene was filmed in England, the music was scored in Prague, and the final sound mix was done in Australia. Ron moody, who plays merlin, played the same role for Disney 16 years earlier in the film UNIDENTIFIED FLYING ODDBALL. Shrink-wrapped. Now you can own disney's marvelous mixture of medieval myth and modern mirth that will have the whole family cheering!|An earthquake occurs during a Little League game in Southern California, playing for a team known as the Knights, and 14-year-old Calvin Fuller, falls through a crack in the earth and is inexplicably thrust back in time to the mythical medieval kingdom of Camelot and court of the legendary King Arthur.

But all is not well with the realm. Return to those days of old when knights were bold and baseball ruled the land. Calvin must find the courage to face Belasco and prove to himself he has what it takes to be a worthy knight. Producer robert levy got the idea for the movie one night after reading Mark Twain's "A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court" to his son.

With a little redressing and redesigning, the set was just right.

Angels In The Outfield

Walt disney Video Jungle 2 Jungle. All the while learning to believe in themselves. Shrink-wrapped. The team miraculously climbs back into the pennant race. Catch the movie that flew over the fence and into the hearts of millions of cheering fans! It's Disney's ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD, the feel-good film about a young boy praying for a father -- and a struggling baseball team praying for a pennant.

With its heavenly mix of outrageous comedy, dazzling special effects, and amazing baseball action, Disney's ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD is an entertainment home run for the whole family!|The movie is a remake of a 1951 film starring Paul Douglas and Janet Leigh. In great britain, the film is known simply as ANGELS.

. Format: DVD. Condition: New. Danny glover plays george knox, the frustrated coach of the California Angels, a ragtag team of major-league misfits who are down on their luck. But things begin to look up when 11-year-old Roger, their biggest fan, starts giving Knox some winning tips from a real live angel named Al Christopher Lloyd.

Walt disney Video Angels in the Outfield. Anamorphic; closed-captioned; Color; DVD; NTSC. Shrink-wrapped.

Blank Check

But when a quick settlement puts a blank check in his hand -- he fills it in for a million bucks! now preston is rich beyond his wildest dreams! he's got his own pad, his own limo driver, and he's spending the money like there's no tomorrow! The only problem with having a million dollars is keeping it -- especially when the FBI and the bad guys are after the loot! Join the spending spree of a lifetime as Preston tries to hang on to the cash -- and you cash in on the laughs!|The movie stars Brian Bonsall in his fourth feature film, but he's probably still best known as Michael J.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Fox's younger brother on TV's "Family Ties. The movie was shot on location in Austin, Texas, and features the Texas amusement park Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Anamorphic; closed-captioned; Color; DVD; NTSC. Shrink-wrapped. Condition: New. Walt disney Video Jungle 2 Jungle. All it takes is a little quick thinking and 11-year-old Preston Waters' life becomes a million-dollar adventure! When a crook runs over Preston's bike, he thinks it's his unlucky day.

Walt disney Video Angels in the Outfield. Format: DVD.

Richie Rich

Richie rich dvdmacauly culkin stars as Richie Rich, a boy billionaire who can buy anything he desires--except a normal childhood. But when richie's parents are kidnapped in a hostile> Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Condition: New. Walt disney Video Angels in the Outfield. Anamorphic; closed-captioned; Color; DVD; NTSC.

Walt disney Video Jungle 2 Jungle. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Format: DVD.

Dunston Checks In

Shrink-wrapped. There's nothing he can't handle. Condition: New. Dubrow without breaking into a sweat. As a manager of the majestic Hotel, Robert Grant is trained to handle the most chaotic situations with ease. Walt disney Video Jungle 2 Jungle. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Anamorphic; closed-captioned; Color; DVD; NTSC.

Format: DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Forced to live a life of crime, the orangutan Dunston turns a five-star hotel into a three ring circus. He can deftly juggle the needs of his staff, and even his cold-hearted, gold-digging boss, his two sons, his clients, Mrs. Walt disney Video Angels in the Outfield. Shrink-wrapped.

That is, until Dunston checks in.

3 Ninjas

Format: DVD. Walt disney Video Jungle 2 Jungle. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Anamorphic; closed-captioned; Color; DVD; NTSC. Walt disney Video Angels in the Outfield. Walt disney Video 3 Ninjas. And the fun kicks off when the action kicks in! using their martial arts skills, 3 ninjas creates a high-energy, they team up to battle the crime ring and outwit some very persistent kidnappers! Mixing the high-kicking fun of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES with the humorous pranks of HOME ALONE, fun-filled treat for everyone! Shrink-wrapped.

Here's the exciting action-adventure hit that sparked ninja-mania with audiences everywhere! After an organized crime ring proves to be too much for the FBI, it's time for the 3 NINJAS! They're three brothers trained in the ways of the ninja. Condition: New.

First Kid

Anamorphic; closed-captioned; Color; DVD; NTSC. Shrink-wrapped. Walt disney Video First Kid. Shrink-wrapped. Walt disney Video 3 Ninjas. Shrink-wrapped. Walt disney Video Angels in the Outfield. Condition: New. But when luke's mysterious internet buddy convinces him to ditch his bodyguard in a crowded mall, the fun and games suddenly become a matter of life and death! The votes are in from both audiences and critics -- "Sinbad is hilarious" KNX Radio/CBS Radio in this "laugh-a-minute" comedy Sneak Previews.

Exteriors of the landmarks such as the Washington Monument, and the Treasury Building were shot in Washington, the Mall, D. C. The film features an appearance by Sonny Bono, who spends his screen time insisting that he's a legislator, not an entertainer. Comic sinbad, who stars as secret service agent sam Simms, was formerly known as David Adkins when he was discovered on TV's STAR SEARCH many years ago.

In the film, sinbad's penchant for loud clothing keeps him from getting choice assignments. Special sets had to be constructed of the Executive Residence and the Oval Office, since filming at the White House was not possible. Retired assistant director of the Secret Service, Bob Snow, served as a technical adviser for the film.

Simms would much rather be protecting the President, and Luke would prefer to be just a regular kid without a watchdog trailing him everywhere he goes. Format: DVD.