In the Spirit of Napa Valley Icons

Assouline Publishing - In the spirit of napa surveys great local culinary establishments from Oxbow Market to The French Laundry, art collections, legendary wine pioneers and cult labels, notable landmarks from fantasy castles to historic family estates, music festivals, and hot-air balloon rides. Assouline. This gorgeous volume concludes with a comprehensive guide to hotels, shopping, restaurants, entertainment, sightseeing, wineries and tasting rooms, natural mineral spas, and recreation.

Napa valley is known worldwide for its world-class wines, beautiful farmland, and envied lifestyle.

In The Spirit Of Beverly Hills

Assouline - Over time, that world has been expanded to create a universe that is anchored by our books but no longer limited to paper and pages. With our first book, we sought to convey the experience of a small hotel in the south of France, a tiny, luxury, La Colombe d'Or, sublime world of art, history, and inspiration unto itself.

Assouline began with an idea and a belief: the first, a notion that beauty, perfected, has meaning that is capable of transforming our lives; and the second, that a book—artfully crafted and highly considered in its visual content—can open our eyes and minds. Assouline.

In The Spirit of Palm Beach Icons

Assouline Publishing - How sublimely simple. Two little words: “palm” and “beach. When combined they conjure up a benign image of nothing more than tropical trees, a deserted expanse of sand, and the soft sound of lapping surf. Established as a luxury vacation destination for the rich and famous in the early 1900s, Palm Beach is synonymous with old-world glamour and new world sophistication.

Assouline. There’s something to be said for visionaries who know what people want before they know it themselves. An insider’s guide featuring Fiori’s selection of hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops completes the book. Excerpt from introduction:if there is one resort community in America that signifies enormous wealth, unparalleled exclusivity, and unmitigated extravagance, it is Palm Beach.

In The Spirit of Palm Beach Icons - From its world-renowned resorts, and flashy cars to its endless shopping opportunities and impeccable golf courses, dreamy estates, In the Spirit of Palm Beach presents a full spectrum of everything the island can offer. For flagler, it was a retreat where the rich could go to escape the bone-chilling winter elsewhere.

. Assouline. In truth, that’s pretty much what palm beach was before the arrival of its modern-day settlers and until a certain Henry Morrison Flagler, cast his canny eyes on the island’s oceanfront acres in the early 1890s and bought them for $300, a founder of Standard Oil, 000.

In the Spirit of St. Barths Icons

Assouline - Assouline. In this celebratory volume Pamela Fiori, a regular visitor for both work and pleasure, shares the legacy of the island. Assouline. A final chapter, "Essential St. Barths is synonymous with Caribbean elegance and chic. In spite of an airport runway that's not for the faint-hearted, St. Assouline. Barths, restaurants, " features Fiori's pick of hotels, villa rental companies, event planners, bars, nightclubs, and shops.

Through interviews with locals and regulars, she shows off the best beaches, villas with extraordinary views, many of them boldface names, and some of the island's most memorable destination weddings.

In the Spirit of The Hamptons

Assouline - Assouline. With our first book, a tiny, sublime world of art, history, we sought to convey the experience of a small hotel in the south of France, La Colombe d’Or, luxury, and inspiration unto itself. Assouline began with an idea and a belief: the first, has meaning that is capable of transforming our lives; and the second, perfected, a notion that beauty, that a book—artfully crafted and highly considered in its visual content—can open our eyes and minds.

. Assouline. Assouline. Over time, that world has been expanded to create a universe that is anchored by our books but no longer limited to paper and pages. Assouline.

In the Spirit of Capri Icons

Assouline Publishing - Assouline. It is a place where well-tanned italians joyfully share the islands beauty with celebrities and emphatic island lovers: from limoncello, the native digestivo, to its eponymous Capri pants, to the bright turquoise jewelry and bejeweled sandals made famous by its glamorous denizens. In a colorful tribute to the isle adored by literary icons and the jet set alike, author Pamela Fiori explains with resonant texts and vibrant images the effortless charm of this fabled island.

Jutting proudly out of the mediterranean Sea, like a miracle of nature, Capri is one of the worlds chicest destinations the European pleasure island. Assouline. Assouline. Assouline. Editions Assouline.

In the Spirit of Monte Carlo

Assouline Publishing - Assouline. Editions Assouline. Assouline. Assouline. Assouline. In the spirit of monte carlo chronicles the 700-year-old grimaldi dynasty, the fairy-tale story of how Hollywood darling Grace Kelly attracted the celebrity spotlight, and the recent, the artists and socialites who first brought the luxury and glamour, the city’s vibrant arts and culture scene and legendary Grand Prix race, controversial metamorphosis of the cityscape.

Assouline. This gorgeous volume also includes an insider’s guide featuring the best hotels, bars and clubs, attractions, restaurants, shopping, and activities in Monte Carlo and its environs.

In the Spirit of Bali Icons

Assouline Publishing - Previously he wrote Bali: Sustainable Visions with photographer Isabella Ginanneschi. Isabella ginanneschi began her career as an art director in Milan, where she collaborated on high-profile fashion campaigns for Vogue and other publications. Her previous books include At Home in Bali and Bali: Sustainable Visions Abbeville Press.

Her editorials have also been featured in Elle Decoration, Architectural Digest, Robb Report, and InStyle. He worked in the music and technology industries in the UK and in Australia before first visiting Bali in 1980, and the island became a catalyst for his creative endeavors. She currently lives between New York and Bali.

In the Spirit of Bali Icons - A longtime resident of bali, british-born Duncan Murray Kirk is an eco-conscious materials designer whose goal is to reconcile nature with technology and to promote sustainable design. Editions Assouline. Assouline. Assouline. Assouline. Kirk has produced eco-friendly accessories for fashion labels including Monsoon, and he developed Meshglass, and Esprit, Jigsaw, a stained-glass decor surfacing that combines traditional Balinese craftsmanship with digital design.

Her portfolio includes clients such as calvin Klein, and Cole Haan, John Hardy, Diesel, and as an art director she has collaborated with the most renowned fashion photographers. Assouline.

In the Spirit of St. Tropez Icons

Assouline Publishing - The shock wave created by roger vadim revealed a resplendent creature, rocketing to fame in the village she chose as her home, a leg-end: Brigitte Bardot, which would bask in the glory of those years forever. Editions Assouline. In the spirit of Saint-Tropez is illustrated with numerous previously unpublished photographs.

Assouline. The best stories. In its pearly haven, film stars, artists, playboys and top models would spend sun-soaked days and starry nights in affairs and adventures that have since entered the pages of history. Assouline. Editions Assouline. Assouline. Assouline publishing inc. Assouline. A village that caresses the eye and attracted a host of artists at he turn of the twentieth century.

In the Spirit of St. Tropez Icons - A village whose heyday came in the middle of the 1950s, when a young Franco-Russian filmmaker brought cameras and crew to its sun dazzled beaches to make his first feature film: And God Created Woman. Assouline.

Chic Stays Classics

Assouline Publishing - Editions Assouline. Assouline publishing inc. Editions Assouline. Assouline. Assouline. Assouline. From jeremy irons’s historical palacio belmonte escape in lisbon, to kate moss’s favorite beach in the Maldives, to the beaches of Kate Winslet’s secret Sco ish hideaway of Eilean Shona, each of these thirty-five personal tales of the loveliest spots around the globe is packed with anecdotes and lyrical descriptions to transport readers.

Assouline. Assouline Publishing. Assouline. Take a tour of the world’s most beautiful hotels with your favorite actors, writers, musicians, and models inChic Stays. The photography bursting across each page—from Parrot Cay to Sri Lanka to Oregon—inspires a new desire to discover these beloved corners of the world.

Poolside With Slim Aarons

Harry N. Abrams - The main character is pools and everything that goes with them—magnificent, suntanned bodies; well-oiled skin; bikini-clad women; yachts; summer cocktails; sumptuous buffets; spectacular locations; and most of all: fun. Assouline. Yet this new collection of stunning photographs of the rich and well-connected “doing attractive things” in their favorite playgrounds has a new twist.

Editions Assouline. From the caribbean to italy and mexico to Monaco, Poolside with Slim Aarons whisks the reader away to an exclusive club where taste, style, luxury, and grandeur prevail. Assouline. Editions Assouline. Poolside is not so much a Who’s Who of society, aristocracy, and celebrity—although C.

Poolside With Slim Aarons - Like its predecessors, of beautiful, once upon a Time and A Place in the Sun, Poolside with Slim Aarons offers images of jet-setters and the wealthy, glittering people living the glamorous life. Assouline. Assouline publishing inc. Assouline Publishing. Guest, peter beard, cheryl tiegs, lilly pulitzer, and many who have appeared in the previous books are here—as it is about leisure time and how the rich make use of it.

Abrams. Assouline.