A-Z of Embroidery Stitches: A Complete Manual for the Beginner Through to the Advanced Embroiderer A-Z of Needlecraft

Step-by-step photography and clear instructions make the techniques achievable for beginners as well as providing an invaluable reference guide for experienced embroiderers. Brand new item / Unopened Product. 9781782211617. This comprehensive guide to embroidery stitches contains all the embroiderer needs to know to work dozens of stitches, and includes full advice on everything from choosing materials, beginning and ending a thread and using hoops to working as a left-handed embroiderer and learning how to paint threads.

Sp-11617. Search Press.

A-Z of Embroidery Stitches 2 A-Z of Needlecraft

Ultra-clear visuals make it easy to learn new techniques. It offers every embroiderer a perfect way to add variety and interest to every new stitching project. A 5 star book from needle 'n' Thread! Read the review here. Search Press. The ultimate reference guides for needleworkers with amazing projects, detailed step-by-step instructions and stunning photographs.

Combined with the original A-Z of Embroidery Stitches, this book completes a comprehensive dictionary of embroidery stitches and techniques. Historical insights and beautiful embroideries add to the inspiration. This best-selling series covering mainly embroidery but also sewing, knitting and crochet was originally published by Country Bumpkin in Australia and has now been revamped for the modern needleworker by Search Press, with a fresh new design.


A-Z of Embroidered Flowers A-Z of Needlecraft

Part of the prolific Search Press Classics A-Z of Needlecraft series. Search Press. Garden enthusiasts and embroidery lovers alike will enjoy poring over this handy guide for inspiration on how to replicate their favourite floral bouquets using needle, thread and plenty of creativity. A delightful guide to recreating an alphabet of blooms, from Alyssum to Zinnia, through the intricate medium of embroidery.



Find advice on which thread, and take a look at an incredible 200 stitches — with levels of difficulty, step-by-step instructions, or fabrics work with which techniques, needles, and ideas on where and how to use them. The perfect reference guide to needlework, Embroidery is a comprehensive guide to inspire and inform sewers of all levels.

. With embroidery it's easy to find exactly which stitch is right for your next sewing project. This practical guide covers sewing tips for dressmaking, and embroidery stitches, needlepoint, with detailed information simply presented in illustration-rich pages. Embroidery is the ultimate stitch dictionary and the ideal guide to embroidery, whatever your level of expertise.

Search Press. Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley.

The Embroidered Garden: Stitching through the Seasons of a Flower Garden Make Good: Crafts + Life

The forty motifs explore the roses and wildflowers that appear season to season, as well as the bees and butterflies that enjoy their nectar. Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley. The designs here are exquisite, detailed, and artfullly rendered. For those new to embroidery, detailed how-to illustrations are included.

Whimsical, bees, beautiful embroidery motifs created by an avid gardener—stitch roses, or whole garden scenes. Kazuko aoki has a unique talent for translating the beauty of the garden with needle and thread. Roost Books. Beyond the motifs themselves, pin cushions, Aoki also presents projects that feature the embroidery: brooches, notebook covers, and pouches.

By offering forty motifs, Aoki invites us to explore her gardens through embroidery. Search Press.

Hand Embroidery Stitches At-A-Glance: Carry-Along Reference Guide Landauer Pocket-Size Step-by-Step Illustrated How-To for 30 Favorite Stitches, plus Tips & Techniques and Needle & Thread Charts

Roost Books. Step-by-step how to 30 embroidery stitches needle and thread chart dozens of stitch options to inspire creativity Clear and easy-to-use Convenient 4-inch by 6-inch size so you can take it along anywhere With dozens of embroidery options to inspire creativity with tips and techniques, as well as needle and thread charts for reference, this handy little guide will fit perfectly in your projects bag for carry-along convenience.

This handy pocket-size guide includes 30 stitches, dozens of embroidery options, and needle & thread charts for your reference. Presented in a clear and concise format, this book includes handy needle and thread charts. Hand embroidery stitches at-A-Glance is a great reference for any hand embroidery stitch enthusiast! Search Press.

A great pocket-sized, feather stitch, running stitch, hand embroidery stitches at-a-glance features complete step-by-step how-to for 30 favorite hand embroidery stitches such as backstitch, chain stitch, blanket/buttonhole stitch, fly stitch, French knot, take-along reference guide from Landauer Publishing, stem stitch and much more! Stitchers will be able to see each step illustrated while reading clearly written instructions for popular stitches.

Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley.

A-Z of Bead Embroidery A-Z of Needlecraft

This comprehensive guide to bead embroidery features more than 30 stunning and versatile projects. Find out how to work tambour beading, how to handle sequins and bugle beads, padded beading, beadpoint, and so much more. Discover the best tools for the task and learn to identify different beads by their size, shape and finish.

Search Press. Roost Books. With over 440 step-by-step photographs, it brings bead embroidery within the reach of anyone who can thread a needle. Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley. Full of hints, tips and historical insights, and all patterns are provided.

A-Z of Ribbon Embroidery: A comprehensive manual with over 40 gorgeous designs to stitch A-Z of Needlecraft

Here you will find every stitch and technique fully explained with step by step photographs and clear instructions. Templates, a pattern key and a comprehensive index make this a must-have manual for anyone wanting to learn or brush up on ribbon embroidery skills. The appeal of ribbon embroidery is timeless and thousands of embroiderers have been captivated by its ease of use and fabulous results.

There are forty exquisite designs with full detail provided on the materials and stitches used for every element and a helpful Ribbon Embroidery Index directing you to the appropriate step-by-steps for each technique. Accomplished embroiderers have compiled advice on choosing ribbons, fabrics, needles and frames, as well as a host of other hints and tips.

Roost Books. Search Press. Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley.

A-Z of Crewel Embroidery A-Z of Needlecraft

Sp-11631. The book is a perfect introduction for beginners and a 'must have' for more experienced embroiderers. This comprehensive guide to crewel embroidery contains all the embroiderer needs to know to work dozens of stitches, and includes full advice on everything from choosing the wools, fabrics to the equipment required and a multitude of tips to help get you started.

This book introduces you to the tradition that is crewel embroidery and its transformation into an art form that is still popular today. Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley. Search Press. Brand new item / Unopened Product. Roost Books. Search Press. 9781782211631. Whatever your status as an embroiderer, we hope this book kindles your enthusiasm, and provides you with an enriched knowledge of this timeless art.

The a-z of crewel embroidery is designed to encourage you to try new techniques, and above all, explore new horizions, to experiment.

Needle Painting Embroidery: Fresh Ideas for Beginners Milner Craft Series

Sally Milner Publishing. Renowned embroiderer trish burr passes her creative secrets on to stitchers--especially beginners--who want to take their needle painting skills to the next level. Sections on materials, and helpful practice motifs lead to gorgeous projects like Burgundy Rosebuds, a Wild Pansy, the long and short stitch, and a Racquet-tailed Roller.

Brand new item / Unopened Product. In 15 projects organized in three levels, easy-to-follow guidance on techniques for surface stitching that provide subtle shadings and a soft, Trish provides expert, from novice to intermediate, paintlike blending of colors. Sp-11631. Roost Books. Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley.

. Search Press. Search Press. 9781782211631.

The Royal School of Needlework Book of Embroidery: A Guide To Essential Stitches, Techniques And Projects Royal School of Needlework Guides

Containing all the trusted, bestselling content from the RSN Essential Stitch Guide series, plus a new section on mounting your finished work, this fantastic book is a must-have for all embroiderers. Search Press. Fully redesigned and integrated, the original eight titles have been given a new lease of life in this larger format.

Search Press. Sally Milner Publishing. Brand new item / Unopened Product. Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley. 9781782211631. A rich source of embroidery stitches, techniques and projects from the Royal School of Needlework. New from the world-renowned royal school of needlework, stumpwork, this beautiful book is a rich source of embroidery techniques, stitches and projects, covering eight key subjects in detail: crewelwork, whitework, goldwork, bead embroidery, canvaswork, blackwork and silk shading.

Roost Books. Sp-11631.